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Warning: Do Not Run Qpaque Through Your Copier or Printer

Heatpress temperatures and pressures vary with different presses. Some experiments might be required to obtain best results with you press.


Heat Press Set Up


• Set temperature to approximately 350°F (165°C)

• Set pressure to high, Maximum Pressure

• Create a fabric pressing base by putting two cotton t-shirts on the rubber platen, this will ensure     even pressure and protect the bottom platen of the heat press.



Bonding Imaged Transfer to Opaque


• Place Opaque sheet on heat press, Fabric side up.

• Position Imaged Transfer Paper, Imaged side down on top of opaque sheet.

• Press for approximately  15 seconds. Remove from press.

• Let Cool

• Trim as required.

• Remove Backing Paper from the opaque sheet, exposing the adhesive.

• You are now ready to apply the image to the garment.



Pressing Opaque to Garment


• Place garment on heatpress

• Position Opaque on garment, sticky side down.

• Close Heatpress and press approximately 20 seconds, then remove Transfer Paper while still warm.




Washing Instructions


• Machine Wash on gentle cycle or hand wash in cool water.

• Do not use bleach, detergents with bleach or fabric softener (including bouce dryer sheets).

• Air dry in dryer or hang dry. Do not Dry-Clean.


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