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  1. Before printing on the iron-on fabric sheet, it is a good idea to test your layout.  After you have created the image, print them on practice paper.  Cut them out as you would the fabric sheets and place it on the muslin square of fabric.  Make sure you like the image, placement, shape, color, clarity and content before you print on the fabric sheets.  Make any adjustments and retest before you print on the iron-on fabric sheets


  1. When you have the image you are satisfied with, you are ready to print on the iron-on fabric sheets.  Print on the fabric-side, not the iron-on side.  Feed sheets individually.  Once printed, place the fabric sheet on a flat surface overnight to let the ink set.  To prevent images from becoming smeared, do not stack or touch printed sheets until they have set.



  1. Using household scissors, cut out the image.  Place it on the muslin square.  At this point you will need to decide if you would like your project to be hand washable.






  1. Place your iron on a high dry setting.  This is usually the highest setting and may be marked “Cotton”, but    

Check your iron’s manual to confirm the highest setting. Position image on muslin square.  Place iron on image and hold for 5 seconds.  While applying heat, do not move iron and do not apply any steam.  You may need to position the iron a couple of times until entire image has been ironed on.  You may hand stitch or machine stitch.  It is important that  proper heat penetrates all the way through the image and muslin square.  If not enough heat is applied, the image may appear to be adhered but will begin to loosen at the edges in time. If you do not plan to stitch the fabric sheets onto the project, we strongly suggest you treat the fabric sheet edges with fabric paint to ensure they stay down.


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