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Heatpress temperatures and pressures vary with different presses. Some experiments might be required to obtain best results with your press.



·         To separate paper, FAN as you would regular bond paper.

·         Place paper in cassette tray,  position to copy on coated side.

·         Set Copier to Plain Paper/Standard Copy mode.

·         Align original on copier.  Use Mirror Image Function to ensure a right reading image.

·         Press copy or output via computer interface to copier.



·         For dark originals reduce toner levels and lighten exposure level for a more accurate image.

·         For clear areas use background elimination function or designate no-color.



·         Set heatpress at approximately 360 degrees F   and at maximum workable pressure.

·         Place garment on heatpress and pre-heat for approximately 5 seconds to eliminate creases and moisture.

·         Trim away clear areas from around image.

·         Place transfer in desired position on the garment with image face down.

·         For T-Shirts – Press for approximately 12 seconds.  For Sweatshirts – Press for approximately 20 seconds.

Release press, rub transfer for 5-10 seconds and  peel off paper backing immediately while HOT.

·         For Mousepads – Press for approximately 5-7 seconds, For Binders – Press for approximately15-20 seconds.

Release press, rub transfer for 5-10 seconds and peel off paper backing immediately while HOT.

·         For Binders – Place the binder onto the heat press platen.  The imprint side should be facing upward.  Position the binder so that the metal rings of the binder are not in contact with the heating element of the heat press when it is lowered for pressing.  If positioned correctly, it is possible to imprint on the front cover as well as the spine of the binder.  Place transfer face down on the binder and cover the binder with plain paper to protect the binder.  Press transfer onto binder for approximately 15-20 seconds.

Release press, rub transfer for 5-10 seconds and peel off paper backing immediately while HOT.


Washing Instructions.

Turn garment inside-out and machine wash in cool or warm water.  Do not use Bleach or Fabric Softener (including Dryer Sheets).  Detergents with bleach additives are not recommended.  Warm tumble dry.  Iron at medium or hot setting.  Do not dry clean.


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